About us

Akselin Herkkupaja was founded in 2022 and the idea for the company was born as a result of a business group project. We grow organic strawberries ourselves in Kitee Huikkola, and when we heard that Kitee was going to have its own freeze-drying plant, we started developing different products from freeze-dried strawberries.

What could be better than growing your own strawberries, drying the products twenty kilometers away and getting the product's degree of domesticity to its peak!

So we are an entrepreneurial couple from Tohmajärvi, we are farmers, parents of two small children and product developers and testers, or Riikka as a developer and Kalle as a tester and critic. Everyday life is sometimes quite busy, but still very inspiring and wonderful. We have so many ideas and sometimes the family and coworkers might think that we will become guinea pigs again, but sometimes it's good to remember to curb the enthusiasm and focus on improving existing products into the best possible delicacies.

We hope that you will enjoy these developments of ours as much as we do, so welcome to get to know our products and our pages!

p.s. We regularly and irregularly publish recipes for which we have used our products on the website.